Prior Results


The following is a brief sample of the more than 6,500 injury claims Jason Turchin and his team have handled. Each case is different. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. You should speak with the attorney handling your case to determine what your case might be worth.

$5,000,000+ Jason and his team recovered millions of dollars on behalf of victims injured by exploding airbags.

$5,000,000+ in settlements against a popular pressure cooker company on behalf of victims burned by exploding pressure cookers. Many pressure cookers are made in China with similar designs and design defects, including issues with the locking mechanism, warning labels, strike plate and steam valves.

$4,000,000+ recovered on behalf of the family of a young man killed in a car accident.

$1,450,000+ for failure to diagnose and adequately treat a stroke victim.

$850,000+ against a major pressure cooker company on behalf of two customers burned by exploding pressure cookers.

$125,000 recovered for a patient who suffered burns while under surgery when the probe malfunctioned and froze up. The patient was undergoing a routine procedure when the probe froze and caused her burns around the incision area. What should have been a small incision turned into months of scar treatment.

$Confidential settlement for New York driver who sustained brain damage and issues walking after his vehicle crushed in after he was hit by a drunk driver. We successfully argued that the vehicle was not crashworthy.

$Confidential settlement for young woman burned when her airbags spontaneously deployed while she was driving down the street.

$Confidential settlement for grandmother and grandchild injured when their airbags spontaneously deployed in their vehicle.

$Confidential settlement against body shop after a vehicle’s tire came off while she was driving, causing her to sustain serious injuries.

$Confidential settlement against a popular essential oil company after our client sustained serious burns to her wrist after applying the oil as directed.

$Confidential settlement for a man stabbed by a switchblade whose automatic safety lock failed and caused the knife to open and slice his hand.

$Confidential settlement against a popular vape company when our client’s vape exploded while it was charging and caused fire damage to her apartment and burns to her hair and body.

$Confidential settlement against skin care company after our client’s skin was burned after using a patch as directed.

$Confidential settlement against major cruise line after our client suffered a fractured hip while walking through automatic closing doors which closed on her after the sensor was not set up properly.

$Confidential settlement against major department store after our client sustained injury to his eye after being struck by a laser at the front door apparently put in place to deter birds from entering the store.

This is just a small sample of the many product liability cases our office has handled. Please contact a product liability attorney at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin at (800) 337-7755 if you were hurt by a defective product to see if you may qualify for compensation. We can assist lawyers who need co-counsel or local counsel in a product liability lawsuit, or victims throughout the United States hurt by defective products.